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Gather strength for good Build a better society together | Shenzhen Pengwan Public Welfare Foundation • DEREN Public Welfare Fund was formally established

On December 16th, Shenzhen Pengwan Public Welfare Foundation • DEREN Public Welfare Fund, funded by DEREN Electronics, was formally established. Du Zongze, Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Pengwan Public Welfare Foundation, Tang Guanxin, Supervisor, Chen Xiaoxuan, Secretary General, Qiu Jianmin, Chairman of DEREN Electronics, Li Haina, Vice President, Pan Fusheng, Chairman of labor Union and other relevant representatives attended the signing ceremony.


Secretary General Chen Xiaoxuan and Chairman Qiu Jianmin signed a contract on site


Vice Chairman Du Zongze presented the plaque of DEREN Public Welfare Fund to Chairman Qiu Jianmin

Pengwan•DEREN Public Welfare Fund is a funded special public welfare fund, which is mainly used for public welfare activities such as helping the poor, helping doctors and students, helping rural revitalization, caring for employees and relatives in distress, etc. Pengwan•DEREN Public Welfare Fund is not only a caring platform for employees, but also a social assistance platform that meets the needs of national and social development and responds to policy advocacy.

DEREN Electronics has been actively involved in social welfare, adhering to the sustainable enterprise development route, taking the pursuit of common progress with society and supporting public welfare undertakings as an important part of corporate social responsibility, and is committed to giving back to the society in a long-term sustainable way.

Pengwan•DEREN Public Welfare Fund will continue to cultivate the backbone of public welfare undertakings in practice, and at the same time, it will try its best to create more opportunities for employees to participate in public welfare activities, gather DEREN's love and bring more gospel to the disadvantaged groups.

In the future, DEREN Electronics will take Pengwan•DEREN Public Welfare Fund as the platform carrier, fulfill its social responsibility more regularly and transparently with a professional and dedicated attitude, constantly explore a long-term mechanism for organized public welfare undertakings, establish a sense of charity, carry forward the spirit of public welfare, enhance the sense of social responsibility of employees, form a wide range of employees, and make greater contributions to social welfare!