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Introduction of Training Center


      Training Center of Human Resources Center of Shenzhen DEREN Electronics Co., Ltd. Headquarters is subordinate to Human Resources Center of Group Headquarters, with the important mission of cultivating talents as well as improving the capability of employees and teams for the group.

As for training, we adhere to the principle of “guiding by strategy, linking to performance, getting close to the same business”, with effects and practice in each training, and without any impractical and grandiose training. 

As for talents cultivation, we endeavor to cultivate talents who identify the enterprise value with good character and strong capability. “Honesty and faithfulness, diligence and trustworthiness, innovation and change, growth and development” are highlighted in cultivation of value; “direction for choosing personnel, standards for educating personnel, basis for arranging personnel” are highlighted in cultivation of character; for cultivation of capacity, team building of talents is focused on, to establish “talents gaining class, talents cultivation class, talents optimization class, and talents improvement class” covering ordinary employees, low-level, middle-level and senior managers.

We have strict Training Management System, and special training, centralized training, various video trainings, remote internet-based training, internal training and external lecturers provide a variety of training contents for employees. We have set up an excellent team of internal trainers including experienced executives, highly skilled talents and experts in market expansion. We have developed more than 60 training courses covering all levels and professional posts of the company, and continued to update the courses to meet needs in different periods.

The Training Center is well equipped with software and hardware. Large training room equipped with advanced sound and multimedia equipment can meet needs of different types of teaching; there are 8 training rooms, which can be used for training and learning, group discussion and self-learning and improvement for students; branches and subsidiaries across the world have libraries of different sizes as well as basketball, badminton, ping-pong and all kinds of sports facilities, especially that the library in Shenzhen Guangming Park has thousands of books for everyone enjoying in the sea of knowledge. 

With flourishing business, the company has kept expanding the scale of talents in the recent years; the Training Center trains over 200 managers, professionals and technicians and operators for the company. Meanwhile, the Center offers special training for hundreds of fresh graduates, providing guarantees for graduates to fit in with the company and display their capacity!

Looking ahead, we still have a long way to go, and we are responsible for cultivating more excellent talents to meet the needs of future development of the company for the big family of DEREN!