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Zhou Peishan, deputy mayor of Jiangmen City, and her delegation visited Heshan DEREN, for investigation

On November 18, Zhou Peishan, Vice Mayor of Jiangmen City, led a team to conduct a survey in Heshan DEREN Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as "Heshan DEREN"). Vice President Li Haina, Vice President Li Zheng, Secretary Wang Hai and Chief Financial Officer Luo Xinxin of DEREN Electronics warmly received and accompanied the visit and discussion.

Vice Mayor Zhou Peishan and her delegation visited the construction sites of Heshan DEREN Exhibition Hall, Phase I and Phase II projects to understand the company's development process, brand building and product research and development in detail, and to clarify the company's strategic positioning, focus on changing the development mode, constantly break through technical barriers, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise. She also encouraged Heshan DEREN to continue to pay close attention to epidemic prevention, continuously enhance product competitiveness and seize the commanding heights of the market.


The picture shows Wang Hai, the secretary of DEREN Electronics, introducing the company's global business layout to Vice Mayor Zhou Peishan

At the symposium, Vice President Li Haina reported in detail the company's development in the three major areas of household appliances and consumer electronics, automotive electricity, new energy vehicles and automotive electronics, and introduced the company's future development plan.

Vice Mayor Zhou Peishan fully recognized the construction and advanced production technology of the park, and hoped that DEREN Electronics would seize the development opportunities of the industry, take advantage of the situation, strive for the advanced position, strive to become a leading enterprise with strong strength and core competitiveness, and make new contributions to the economic and social development of Jiangmen City. Jiangmen City will fully support the construction and development of DEREN Electronics, actively dock with financial institutions, establish a long-term and stable financial guarantee mechanism, increase financial support, and solve the financing problems of enterprises.

Heshan DEREN Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary invested by Shenzhen DEREN Electronics Co., Ltd., settled in Heshan Industrial City in 2015 and is the core production base of DEREN Electronics in South China. Up to now, the company has a number of core patented technologies, and its main products are connectors and wiring harnesses, which are widely used in automotive and consumer electronics industries and have been unanimously recognized by customers.

Liang Fuming, Deputy Secretary General of Jiangmen Municipal Government, Hu Guowei, member of the Standing Committee of Heshan Municipal Committee and deputy mayor, He Yu, director of the Municipal Finance Bureau, Liu Changhong, deputy director of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Liang Yujuan, deputy director of the Municipal Finance Bureau, and representatives of financial institutions such as West Guangdong Branch of GF Securities, Jiangmen Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Jiangmen Branch of Agricultural Bank of China, Jiangmen Branch of Bank of China, Jiangmen Branch of China Construction Bank, Jiangmen Branch of Guangfa Bank, Jiangmen Branch of Industrial Bank and Jiangmen Branch of China Zheshang Bank attended the event.