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A thank-you letter understanding the persistence of DEREN Electronics

On April 27th, DEREN Electronics received a thank-you letter from Volvo Asia Pacific Electronics Purchasing Manager.

The letter expressed gratitude to Changchun KSD Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "KSD"), a joint venture of DEREN Electronics, for ensuring Volvo's production despite the extremely serious epidemic situation in Changchun, and said that KSD team is Volvo's true partner, and both parties will have a brighter future with joint efforts.


This thank-you letter is an affirmation and recognition of KSD team's persistence in working during the epidemic, the best feedback to all staff, and the full embodiment of DEREN Electronics' service tenet of "using our efforts to ensure customers' success".

Since the beginning of March, the epidemic broke out in Changchun. According to the requirements of the government, KSD parks have been closed and centralized management one after another. KSD employees perform their duties in strict accordance with their job responsibilities, insist on "turning around" on the job, and take the responsibility of going forward, thus becoming a solid line of defense to protect customers' supply chain.


KSD is a joint venture between DEREN Electronics and Kromberg & Schubert Company of Germany. Since the establishment of cooperation with Volvo Cars in 2017, KSD has won the Outstanding Production Contribution Award of Volvo Cars and the Best Supplier Recognition of Volvo Cars in 2020 and 2021 respectively through high-level design and development capabilities and high-standard manufacturing capabilities.

At the same time, KSD successfully completed the site selection and preparation of Chengdu factory last year, which is less than 3KM away from Volvo Chengdu base. It will become the core production base for KSD to serve Volvo customers, laying a solid foundation for close cooperation between the two parties in the future and achieving win-win development.

Back in 2021, faced with a series of emergencies such as repeated epidemics, shortage of semiconductor resources, and limited power and production, DEREN Electronics has comprehensively solved customer needs with reliable quality and caring service, and won a thank-you letter from FAW-Volkswagen.

Stick to your original heart and build your dreams. In the future, as the vanguard of the domestic consumer electronic connector industry, DEREN Electronics will stand firmly with customers with actions, provide better products and services, and wholeheartedly help every partner achieve greater success!