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DEREN Electronics ranked 18th among China's Top 100 Electronic Components Enterprises in 2021

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Recently, the China Electronic Components Industry Summit 2021, sponsored by China Electronic Components Industry Association, was held in Qingdao, Shandong Province. As the largest and most influential industry conference in China's electronic components industry, the meeting released the comprehensive ranking list of economic indicators of Chinese electronic components enterprises. Shenzhen DEREN Electronics Co., Ltd. ranked 18th among China’s top 100 electronic component enterprises in 2021, creating new achievements!

web-2021-中国电子元件企业经济指标综合排序第18名 (2).jpg

web-2021-中国电子元件企业经济指标综合排序第18名 (1).jpg

In 2021, when the whole industry is facing great challenges, DEREN Electronics operates stably, comprehensively applies advanced technology, and builds leading precision manufacturing capability. At the same time, we continue to increase investment in R&D, strive to realize self-research and self-production of core electronic components, and devote ourselves to promoting the process of localization and substitution of connectors. At present, we are one of the few enterprises in the world that can independently complete R&D and mass production of CPU socket connectors.

As the benchmark and model of China's electronic components industry, DEREN will continue to take on the important responsibility of supporting the industry's high-quality development, and set a good example for the whole industry in independent innovation, quality improvement, brand building and honest management!