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Great Victory in the Rescue·Remember the History | DEREN Electronics and Shenzhen Investment Control Capital Party Branch Carried out Joint Learning and Co-construction Activities

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September 18th is the 90th anniversary of the September 18th Incident. In order to vigorously carry forward the spirit of patriotism, educate the broad masses of Party members, cadres and the masses not to forget the national humiliation and work hard, the Party branch of DEREN Electronics and the Party branch of Shenzhen Investment Control Capital Co., Ltd. launched a joint learning and co-construction activity with the theme of "Great Victory in the, Remember the Historical Feelings". Under the leadership of Qiu Yang, President of DEREN Electronics, and Chi Dongyan, Party Secretary and General Manager of Shenzhen Investment Control Capital, 20 Party members and activists participated in the activity.


Chinese Cultural Celebrity Great Rescue Memorial Hall

First of all, we came to the Chinese Cultural Celebrity Great Rescue Memorial Hall. During the War of Resistance against Japan period, the local people and Dongjiang Column staged a "great victory in the rescue" that shocked China and foreign countries, and rescued famous patriots such as Mao Dun, He Xiangning and Zou Taofen from the occupied Hong Kong and Kowloon islands. Under the leadership of the commentator, all the Party members carefully visited the precious materials displayed in the education base. Everywhere, everyone watched the exhibition boards and objects with great reverence, listened carefully to the explanations of the lecturers, followed the footsteps of the predecessors' struggles, and learned in detail about the major historical events of the rescue of Chinese cultural celebrities. Party members have received a profound baptism in thought and spirit, and are deeply encouraged and shocked.


Yangtai Mountain Forest Park

Walking out of the memorial hall, all the party members paid tribute to a 20-meter-high sculpture with the theme of "Great Victory in the Rescue", and went to Yangtai Mountain, which is known as "Hero Mountain". And feel the heroic spirit of the revolutionary ancestors who fought bloody battles, opened up red hot land, and worked hard without fear of sacrifice.

By carrying out this joint learning and co-construction activity, the party spirit of all party members has been further improved. Everyone said that in the new era, we should follow the example of revolutionary martyrs, give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, base ourselves on our posts, work hard and bravely seek new articles. Finally, the party branches of both sides agreed that in the future cooperation, we should take party building as the guide, achieve win-win cooperation, keep in mind responsibilities and responsibilities, and make due contributions to the prosperity and development of the motherland.