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DEREN Electronics Won FAW-Volkswagen "(Jetta) Outstanding" Contribution Award

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Recently, DEREN Auto Parts (Chongqing) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of DEREN Electronics, won the FAW-Volkswagen "(Jetta) Outstanding" Contribution Award at the 2021 Supplier Partner Conference held by FAW-Volkswagen in Changchun. Qiu Yang, president of DEREN Electronics, was invited to attend the conference.


Award Ceremony


"(Jetta) Outstanding" Contribution Award Trophy

DEREN Auto Parts is the wiring harness supplier of Jetta brand VS7 model of FAW-Volkswagen Chengdu Branch, which invests and builds factories for Jetta localization and configures professional systems such as Vobes and SAP to realize high-quality supply. In 2020, DEREN Auto Parts practiced the concept of cost control, and put forward more than 20 low-cost schemes for customers, reducing costs and increasing efficiency to create more value space. Facing the impact of the epidemic, the company always keeps close communication with customers, raises epidemic prevention materials by itself and communicates with the government, overcomes the impact of the epidemic, and resumes production in time. The arrival rate of personnel on the day of resumption of work reaches 99%, reaching the normal production level. Respond to the impact of scheduling adjustment, respond quickly, ensure the orderly arrival of materials, and actively share scarce resources to help other suppliers tide over difficulties together.

This award is recognition and encouragement for DEREN Auto Parts on the road of growth. We will redouble our efforts to speed up technological innovation and promote commercial application, meet more difficult market challenges, continuously improve and improve, provide customers with high-quality products and all-round services, and work together for a win-win future!