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Fan Qingfeng, Vice President of Shenzhen Hi-tech Investment Group Co., Ltd., and his party visited DEREN Electronics to guide

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On the morning of July 16, 2020, Fan Qingfeng, vice president of Shenzhen Hi-Tech Investment Group Co., Ltd., and Xu Dongqing, deputy general manager of Hi-Tech Investment and Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd., and their party visited DEREN Electronics and held cordial talks with the Chairman of DEREN Electronics, Qiu Jianmin and other company leaders.


Vice President Fan Qingfeng and his party visited DEREN Electronics Exhibition Hall and got a detailed understanding of the company's products and production process. Chairman Qiu Jianmin introduced various product series of DEREN Electronics to everyone. The new energy vehicle charger was mainly introduced. Compared with similar products, it occupies less space and is light in weight, which adopts unique silicon carbide, high frequency solution and high efficiency liquid cooling technology, and has an energy conversion efficiency of up to 95%, currently belonging to the highest technical level in the industry.


At the symposium, Chairman Qiu recalled the arduous process of DEREN Electronics' gradual transformation from an enterprise specializing in connector wiring harnesses to a comprehensive enterprise with connector wiring harnesses as the main body and integrating new energy automobile electronics, high-end electronic components and other products, and thanked the government for always helping enterprises tide over difficulties at critical moments. Vice President Fan fully affirmed DEREN Electronics' achievements in the industry and expressed his appreciation for the company's keen insight into innovation and positive transformation. He said that the government is willing to vigorously support real manufacturing industries such as DEREN, hoping that enterprises can enjoy more actual dividends brought about by government support policies, fundamentally solve the problem of financing difficulties for enterprises, and help enterprises to survive the epidemic crisis healthily and smoothly and achieve better development.