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"User-friendly Edition" Porsche Taycan first launched in China, Who Is Its Power Source?

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At 20:00 on June 29, 2020, Porsche officially announced the addition of a new member of the Taycan family, the Taycan, to the global debut through an online live conference, and simultaneously opened the pre-sale of the new entry-level model in the Chinese market. The manufacturer suggested a price of 888,000 yuan.

Why is Taycan so low-key, luxurious and very content? Because its initial "intention" has not changed: the new Taycan is still equipped with an on-board charger (OBC) supplied by Meta, a subsidiary of DEREN Electronics, which adopts high-power DC fast charging technology, with a product power of 22KW, providing continuous and lasting power for vehicles.

On-board charger is an important component of electric vehicle power system, including battery, motor, electronic control, etc, which is a key component of electronic control system. Meta is the first manufacturer in the world to develop a 22-kilowatt, high-power on-board charger, which adopts unique silicon carbide, high-frequency solutions and high-efficiency liquid cooling technology, enabling it to have an energy conversion efficiency of up to 95%, currently representing the highest level in the industry.

With its technological advantages and profound experience in passing large-scale mass production tests in Europe, Meta has become the core supplier of world-renowned automobile brands represented by Porsche and BMW. At present, Meta Chongqing factory has realized mass delivery to BMW, Dongfeng, PSA's PHEV and e-CMP platform models, while BMW Mini Cooper's on-board charger has also entered the mass production stage.

With the implementation of European carbon emission regulations and new energy subsidy policies, Europe's new energy vehicle industry will develop rapidly. Meta, as the core supplier of many first-line automobile brands, will greatly increase the mass production scale of its on-board chargers.