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Liu Sheng, head of Guangming District, and his entourage visited DEREN Electronics for investigation

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On the afternoon of May 26, 2020, Liu Sheng, head of Guangming District, and relevant leaders of the District Party Committee and Government Office, the District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and Fenghuang Sub-district Office visited DEREN Electronics. Chairman Qiu Jianmin, Vice President Qiu Yang, Vice President Li Haina and other leaders of DEREN Electronics received visiting guests and held discussions and exchanges to discuss in depth the development of enterprises within their respective jurisdictions, listen to their demands and help them develop continuously and healthily.


Liu Sheng and his entourage visited the Exhibition Hall of DEREN Electronics



Liu Sheng and his entourage visited the Exhibition Hall of DEREN Electronics to learn more about DEREN Electronics' superior products and production technology, industrial layout and marketing. At the symposium, the district head, Liu Sheng heard a report on DEREN Electronics' strategic planning and overall business development, and also had a detailed understanding of the difficulties encountered by enterprises in their production and operation after the epidemic. He was really concerned about the needs of DEREN Electronics in terms of "financing support, reduction of enterprise operating costs, supporting housing for employees and schooling for children", and hoped that relevant counterpart departments will implement the solutions and support the sustainable development and growth of enterprises in Guangming District.

The district head, Liu Sheng fully affirmed the development prospect of DEREN Electronics, instructed relevant departments to fully support the development of local independent brands and key high-tech enterprises, and encouraged DEREN Electronics to continue to strengthen confidence, develop steadily and make greater contributions to the economic development of Guangming District.