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Through investment in face to face, Shenzhen Stock Exchange "fulfills the Chinese Dream • becomes the listed company" - Shenzhen Stock Exchange

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Shenzhen Stock Exchange held No.158 “Approaching Listed Company” activity in DEREN (Small and medium enterprise board listed company) (002055) on Feb. 25, which aims to further implement “Fairness is around us” investor protection special activities created by CSRC, lead investors to communicate with listed companies face to face, strengthen the right to fairly know the information of small and medium-sized investors and promote the ability of listed companies to improve their relationship management.


[Investor’s visit] DEREN focuses on R & D, manufacturing and sales of connector. Its products cover electronic connector, electronics harness, precision die and automotive electronics etc. and are widely applied in household appliances, communications, computers and peripheral equipment, automobiles, medical facilities and industry and so on. More than 80 investors from brokerages visited some of the company's production workshops to learn about electronic precision manufacturing techniques.


[Senior management introductions] Wang Shaohua, secretary of the company’s board introduced the company's development history, product distribution and expansion, acquisition of subsidiaries and international business cooperation and other respects to the field investors. Qiu Jianmin, the company’s Chairman, emphasized on the company's auto-related businesses and stated that the company will continuously expand auto networking technology business and provide diversified services to auto market by continuously taking advantage of the development capability of big data platform ecosphere in the future.


[Interactive communication] Field investors were eager to ask questions in interactive communication link and the questions involve technical R & D of the company’s auto networking, the company's innovation force reserve, market share of auto networking and promotion of Type-C connector, manufacturing of the new energy auto charging equipment etc. Qiu Jianmin, Chairman and Wang Shaohua, secretary of the company’s board answered the investor's question carefully, and their professional detailed answer obtained the approval of the present investor.